Cake Business

Custom Cakes Orders

Custom decorated cakes require a minimum 7 days notice.  The order must be placed and confirmed on the phone or in person  to be considered an order.  An email inquiry 7 days in advance is not considered a confirmed order.  This 7 day time frame may vary during holidays and peak wedding season.

    No changes can be made to orders within 48 hours of the due date.  Any issues with your cake and decor MUST be addressed in person at the store.  Once the cake leaves Sweet Revenge, satisfaction is assumed, and the customer is responsible for transporting the order.

Decorators are on Staff Saturdays 10-1.  All Saturday cake orders are to be picked up during these hours.  Touch-ups or corrections cannot be made if the cake is not picked up during these hours.

Deposit Required For All Orders

All cake orders require a 50% deposit at the time of order.  If you choose not to pay the deposit at the time of the discussion for your order, your order will placed in the pending orders until the deposit is paid.   Availability for your order is not guaranteed, as orders may be cut off due to high volume .  Paying your deposit at the time of discussion is the best way to guarantee you will be put on the schedule.  

    Deposits are non-refundable.  If your order is cancelled with a weeks notice or more, the amount of your deposit can be transferred to future orders.  If your order is cancelled with 48 hours or less notice, there will be NO monetary return to the customer.

Allergy And Artistic Disclaimer

While we gladly accept your special order to meet your dietary needs and restrictions, we warn that customers with food allergies proceed at their own risk.  With your order we will clean prep but cannot guarantee anything due to the size and small proximity of our kitchen.

Every cake that we make is hand decorated by a cake artist.  Finishing touches are made by hand and are subject to the artistic interpretation of the cake artist.  You may provide us a photo for inspiration, however, it may not be an exact replication of work done by another cake artist

Merchant Terminal Processing Fee

PayLo Cash Discount-there is a 3.95% processing fee for all debit and credit card swipes.  You can avoid this fee by paying with cash or checks.  Thank You